betcha weren't expecting to see this were ya


Okay, I’m just gonna start this off by saying I love all of you and Percabeth is my OTP, okay, so I am on your side here!

BUT, this needs to be said -


I see far too much hate on my dash, making fun of Perachel shippers and their ship, and no matter what you say, THAT IS NOT OKAY.

Yes, I much prefer Percabeth, no, I don’t ship Perachel, but at least I don’t go around hating on them! It’s their ship and their opinion, and if they so much as make a casual observation as to why Percabeth may not be just as perfect as you think they are, shit get real and all hell breaks loose among you. They don’t say anything, they don’t complain, so maybe you should start treating them with the respect they treat you!

You ship Percabeth?


You ship Perachel?


Okay, so please stop sending hate messages Percabeth fans! I’ve seen too much of it. Things like, ‘What about that shadowy place over there?; ‘That is the land of Perachel - you must never go there’ and things in that level. I chose that one because it was one of the nicer examples, though I’ve seen much worse.

Okay, so Percabeth is canon and Perachel is not, but that gives you no right to rub it in their faces. Everyone has their own opinions, okay, and in my opinion, Perachel is a little cute in itself, and that’s coming from a hardcore Percabeth shipper.

So for those of you hating on Perachel - not so awesome. Spread the love and appreciate each other, because at the end of the day, we all have a common love for one series, and I want to be proud of my fandom and be able to say, ‘Oh yeah, there’s no hate in the Percy Jackson fandom!’

Please signal boost this Percabeth fans. The hating needs to stop.

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    Thank you :) like seriously, I feel a little afraid to talk about Perachel even though I ship them, because I get the...
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  13. jellybeanjeans said: I love Perachel and I love Percabeth, nearly equally. What I loved the most about Riordan’s characters is that they show interest in MORE THAN ONE CHARACTER, like real people do, and none of that one-true-love crap.
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